Precious Opal, Black Opals and Opal Jewelry

Precious opals of good quality are amongst the most beautiful gemstones of the world and their uniqueness is second to none. Black opal of top-quality is simply breathtaking and even rarer than colourless diamonds. Therefore it is no surprise that the best black opals mined around Lightning Ridge (Australia) can even surpass diamonds in value and beauty and are decorating some of the most awesome pieces of jewelry ever created.
About 95% of the world's production of precious opal is mined in Australia. The most important fields are located around Lightning Ridge, Coober Pedy, Mintabie, Lambina und Queensland (Boulder Opal). Thereby Lightning Ridge is the only really important origin of black opal which is the most valuable variety of opal. Crystal opal and semi-black opals of fantastic quality are found there as well. There is found some black opal on other fields too but these are usually minor amounts and therefore of no commercial importance.
Detailed information about the characteristics and classification of opal together with a large online shop offering a wide range of Australian opals and opal jewelry can be found under the link Precious opal, black opals and opal jewellery from Australia

In the meantime the most productive opal fields are depleted and only a few new fields have been discovered. Therefore rising opal prices are to be expected, particularly for the better quality range. This effect is even boosted due to increasing fuel costs which severely rises the mining costs and because the number of opal miners has quite decreased in consequence of all these problems. Therefore opals of good quality are particularly suitable as an investment at the moment and certainly a stunning spectacle for every collector.


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